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 Justice Java is working to bring you the best damn cold brew coffee in Phoenix! We'll be launching soon. Stay tuned, Downtown Phoenix...

Our Coffee

The best damn cold brew coffee in Downtown Phoenix starts with fresh ground, light roast, Colombian beans. We add a subtle blend of old-world spices, and slowly cold brew to eliminate bitterness and extract all the robust flavor. Our coffee is light in color, rich in taste, with all the kick you need to get you through the day.  

Our Cause

Our vision is to provide more than a simple job for those reentering society. By providing the formerly incarcerated a positive and safe space to work, we promote community accountability through inclusion. We will connect our formerly incarcerated employees with support and advocacy while providing a living wage so that they can establish a successful life in our community. We believe positive social interactions with the community and in the workplace will lead to a statistically significant reduction in recidivism.

Justice Java: Cold brew with a cause

Special thanks to Updraft Productions for this awesome video! Support our GoFundMe campaign and help further the cause! #BestDamnColdBrewInPhx  


Justice Java

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Justice Java

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